Peacock Bass and Golden Dorado

All flies are custom tied to your order. Delivery will be made as soon as possible but normally can take up to SIX WEEKS
Please contact Dan with questions

All flies in this collection are tied on premium saltwater hooks, mainly Owner Aki or Gamakatsu SL12 S, which accounts for the higher price.

Generally speaking, it is the most productive to use flies with a lot of black for Golden Dorado and flies that are lighter and brighter for Peacock Bass. Peacocks seem to like a lot of flash.

Please feel free to substitute bead chain eyes on any fly by leaving me directions in the Special Instructions section at checkout.

Baby Dorado Fly  IF072
$9.45 Baby Dorado Fly IF072
Baby Dorado Fly - Extra Long Synthetic   IF071
$9.95 Baby Dorado Fly - Extra Long Synthetic IF071