• This nice little Bonefish took an Barred Leg Gotcha with a Red nose.

  • This 20lb. Golen Dorado jumped all over a Yellow and Black Golden Dorado Candy

  • Cherry Redfish Candy

  • This nice GT couldn't resist a black Brush Fly with a Synthetic tail

  • A 25lb. Golden Dorado taken on a Tan and White Andino Deceiver

  • A Nice Pacu caught on a Fruit fly

Arno's Milky Dream - Green IF078B
$4.25 Arno's Milky Dream - Green IF078B
Lefty's Deceiver - Blue GS053
from $5.95 Lefty's Deceiver - Blue GS053
Rubber Leg Gotcha, Tan
from $4.00 Rubber Leg Gotcha, Tan
Snakehead Tarpon - Tan (TP050)
from $6.45 Snakehead Tarpon - Tan (TP050)